Our Story

Cornerstone Management Systems, Inc. has specialized in providing outstanding full-service management to Manhattan's small and mid-size residential properties since 1978. Our professional philosophy is based on the belief that every building, regardless of size, deserves knowledgeable, dependable, responsive, and actively visible management to ensure the finest possible quality of life and financial stability for the property.

What We Do

With over 35 years of property management experience, we assure you can feel confident about the integrity, diligence and commitment of our management team. Our dedicated professional mission is to proactively advise and execute an effective management plan that provides for financial stability, maintenance of the physical plant, and improved quality of life. Our 24 hour live on call service will assure you that a manager will be available to respond to our client's needs whatever may arise any time of the day or week 24/7.

What Sets Us Apart

At Cornerstone Management, our 98% client retention rate is a clear indication of our clients' satisfaction and our ability to service every property's management needs. Our approach to residential management is defined by diligent attention to listening to and understanding our client's needs and collaboratively developing a plan of action to enable each property to secure its immediate, short, and long-range goals. We provide the same effort and commitment to each client regardless of property size or location.